Hey 👋🏻 How're you doing?

Things are tough at the moment, and so we could all do with something to lift our spirits a little. If you've ever felt even just a little bit rubbish, then I want to see what I can do to help.

Right now, I'm running two regular, online events.
☕️ There's the Creative Coffee Morning - where you can get a fun and creative start to your day, and we can help you work through some of the problems you're grappling with.

🍻 Alternatively, there's Drink & Draw - a fun end to the week to just chat, get arty and catch up with some new friends. You can keep things dry or just come with your pens and pencils; we'll be doing a load of fun and creative activities

I hear you - "Sure Cai, it's another bloody zoom meeting" - but I promise it won't be like that.
It's chilled enough that there's no pressure to contribute, but there are enough activities to give you something to focus on. Plus - we do a load of creative activities that are all about getting loose and relaxing.

So pop your details below and I'll let you know about what's coming up.
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